Monday, July 03, 2006


I know you have been waiting for it. You want to see me cry crocodile tears for England. Well, go ahead and laugh because I have actually been mourning England's loss to Portugal.

But, now that I am done mourning, what is left in me is anger. I am angry at myself really. See: I let myself be talked into going out of town on Canada Day, July 1, the day of England's quarter finals match with Portugal. That meant that I would not be available to watch the match and direct the boys since I declared myself their Long Distance Armchair Coach.

Also, being the team's self-elected Talisman, I erred by not wearing my England T-shirt on that trip out of town. So, it was not really surprising when someone sent me a text message that we had lost. I am sorry guys, I take the blame!!!!!!!!

But, Sol, Ashley and young Walcoat, come August, I will be on my couch every Saturday to cheer you on as we (Arsenal) challenge for the Premier League Championship. And talking of Arsenal, call me fickle, but I am now with France all because of one Thierry Henry.

I know my prediction scores for World Cup have been going down. It was a 50 for the quarter finals and now I tip Germany and France (if you are reading this now, you may already know that I mised the mark on Germany because it was beaten 2-0 in the last two minutes of extra time) to slug it out on July 9 with France taking the cup.

As for my England T-shirt, I have decided to wear it whenever France is playing until after the competition. What I will do with it after that, I do not know yet.