Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I don’t know about y’all Zimbabweans out there, but I am really getting it up to my nose with Jonathan Moyo.

The professor keeps running his mouth (or is it his pen) about the flaws in the Zanu PF government policies and the persons of President Robert Mugabe and his officials, the latest victim being Zimbabwe Reserve Bank governor, Gideon Gono.

Now, hold it! Put those knives back in their sheaths before you stab me. I am not in anyway defending Mugabe and his cronies, far from it.

My beef with Jonono is that all that is happening in Zimbabwe may have its roots in Mugabe’s misguided economic (war veterans grants of 1997) and foreign (DRC war) policies and related cases of fiscal mismanagement.

However, when the professor got onboard the doomed Zanu PF train via the Constitutional Reform Exercise of 1999, he took the leadership of a propaganda machine that promised utopia to believers and condemned doubters to death, jail, and exile and never imagined suffering.

Talk about any aspect of the Zimbabwean society, Jonono had a hand in ruining it. In the five years that he was part of Mugabe’s government, he did more damage to the country than any of Bob’s other ministers combined.

Let me talk about the field I know best, journalism. Jonono single-handedly destroyed journalism in Zimbabwe. True, there was oppression and persecution of journalists during the times when Nathan Shamuyarira, Chen Chimutengwende, Mai Mujuru and others were at the helm of the Information ministry, but when the professor came along, oppression and persecution became simply HELL.

I will be surprised if any journalist in Zimbabwe can stand up and say they enjoyed professional freedom during Jonono’s time. The man was just terror, the bin Laden of Zimbabwean journalism.

If it were not for Jonathan Moyo I would not be here and I am sure I am not the only one who feels like this. Even those who may have been showered with favours by the good professor, I know for certain that they too were burdened by his attentions and demands and right now, a lot are embarrassed that they ever knew him.

Prof Moyo destroyed my beloved Ziana, ZBC, and Zimpapers and, even though they fought hard, he managed to extinguish all the fire in the independent and foreign press.

There is simply no more journalism worth talking about in Zimbabwe right now, all thanks to Jonono.

Prof, do not seek to be holier than thou. It doesn’t even suit you!!



Isn’t revenge so sweet? Those of you who watched the Euro 2008 Group B match between France and Italy will agree with me that the World Champions were outclassed by the runners-up.

It was total humiliation and there could never be any excuse. If the World Champions missed some key players like the villainous Metarazzi, France missed the retired inspirational captain, Zidane and Fabien Barthez among others.

Italy cannot even claim bad officiating because the referee today was perfect, making the right calls all the way. Italy was simply a Grade B team. Having seen their performance in their 1-1 draw with Lithuania, I knew they would not go far with France.

Les Bleus were just a class act. They took me back to 1998 when they won the championship. They were just so polished you could not fault any department and their goals were results of perfection by a team out to prove that they should be the world’s beaters.

Do I hear someone calling for a re-take of the World Cup final and crown the deserving team? I second.