Friday, March 28, 2008

Army deployed to protect people against Mugabe

I spent the whole election eve worried sick about the massive military deployment in Zimbabwe – tanks on the streets and even Air Force planes criss-crossing the countryside.

This has never happened before in a free Zimbabwe and like everybody else I reached the conclusion that Mugabe is ready to unleash the mighty Zimbabwean army on the people should they; either vote him out or he steals the vote and they revolt.

But then I reached a sort of eureka moment and I almost jumped out of my own skin. This deployment is actually for the good of the people, I reason.

Now before you throw your ballot papers on me, just follow, okay!

See, right from the beginning Simba Makoni has been harping about overwhelming support in the government, the ruling Zanu PF party and the security forces.

Although all the serving chiefs have uttered words to the effect that they will not salute anyone other than Mugabe, this time their declarations have not been as forceful as in 2002. They, in fact, personified puppets going through programmed motions.

Besides, we hear of Mujuru being on Makoni’s side (he has not disputed that yet), Dabengwa has come aboard and so have some other lesser military types (albeit retired). We have had the Bonyongwe issue at CIO.

We heard of police officers defying Zanu PF instructions to protect the opposition in some cases. Even some war vets and Green Bombers have been reported to shed their brutal Zanu PF past to join the progressive forces of the the opposition.

Then we had Tsvangirai telling his supporters not to worry about the army, followed by Nkosana Moyo (Makoni’s strategist) declaring that “we have people in the management” of elections (that includes the army).

In fact, the general response from the opposition is that of “oh, boys are just being boys”.

So, I reached my own conclusion that, in actual fact, the army is being deployed to make sure “Mission Remove Mugabe” is accomplished without a hitch.

My theory is that upon realizing that he has lost the plot, old Bob will try to set his presidential guard against the people, but the regular army - so deployed - will shiled the people.

But hey, I am not holding my breath.