Friday, April 07, 2006


I welcome you all to my world. The world of a current affairs buff. I am a very opionionated guy and I will, from henceforth, publish what I think, believe and wish about people around me, particularly those who have positions of authority.

I am a journalist who has been all over the world and has had an opportunity to meet a lot of people and experienced a lot of cultures. I want to share my experiences with everybody who will have the chance and desire to tap into this blog to learn, share and criticize.

In this blog I will endeavour to be the voice of immigrants in Canada like me, particularly those from my home country of Zimbabwe, my home continent of Africa and my global village of the universe.

Without restraint I will comment, give opinion and suggest my own views and solutions to what happens to us in this whole world.

So, please watch this space and you will not be disappointed.

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