Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Just picked up this unbelievable piece of news from Zimbabwe. A news alert I received this morning stated that Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information and Publicity, Dr. Tichaona Jokonya has threatened Zimbabwean journalists working for western media with death.

Addressing a press conference in Harare on Monday, Jokonya asked: “You know what the end of a traitor is?”

Of course, everybody knew, but to be certain his audience, of mostly journalists, understood beyond any doubt, he answered himself thus: “The end of a traitor is always death.”

“The unfortunate thing about a traitor is that you are killed by both your own people and the person whom you are serving," he said.

This is the latest in a series of threats against journalists by government officials since Prof. Jonathan Moyo was in charge of the ministry.

Such threats should not be taken lightly because they have long proved actionable by the Zanu PF government using its proxies of death; i.e. the army, the police, the CIO, the Green Bombers and the war veterans.

Since 2000, many Zimbabwean journalists have died, been maimed, exiled and jailed all because they were deemed traitors by a government that should, itself, be charged as a traitor regime.

What shocks me is that this threat comes from a man whose background is in diplomacy at the very senior level. Jokonya was Zimbabwe’s permanent representative at the United Nations. What a shame!!!!!!

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