Friday, June 23, 2006


If I was writing a World Cup prediction exam, I would have scored a 75 percent, so I am happy with myself and so I will give you another prediction.

Of course, I am talking about which teams advanced to the second round. Remember I tipped the groups as follows; Group A: - Germany and Ecuador
Group B: - England and Sweden
Group C: - Argentina and Ivory Coast/Holland
Group D: - Mexico and Portugal
Group E: - Italy and Ghana
Group F: - Brazil and Japan/Australia
Group G: - France and South Korea/Switzerland
Group H: - Spain and Tunisia/Ukraine.

But, I am sure you will agree with me that the fact that Ivory Coast is not among the last 16 is only because in Group C, any team could have gone through. As for South Korea, the whipping boys of the group, Togo traded them in to a very unconvincing France. Tunisia - well - they are used to it and for Japan - I dont know why I chose them in the first place.

So off to the knock-out round, starting tomorrow, Saturday June 24, 2006. Here is how it will go, my winners are highlighted; Germany vs Sweden - Ecuador vs England - Argentina vs Mexico - Holland vs Portugal - Italy vs Australia - Brazil vs Ghana - Switzerland vs Ukraine and France vs Spain

The romantic performances by Ecuador and Ghana will certainly end in the second round. The two teams are still learning and the experience of their opponents will count this time around. the same goes for Ukraine.

Australia, Mexico and Portugal are perennial non-achievers and this year will not be any different for them.

As for France, they have not yet recovered from whatever they are suffering from. They have all the stars, the experience and all that, but still, something is wrong. They squeezed into the second round, and their luck will run out just there.

Let the knock-outs begin.

Hey, tennis lovers, Wimbledon is just around the corner, Monday to be precise. watch out for my man, RRRRRRafael Nadal and my girl, Venus Williams, don't count her out yet.


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