Sunday, July 09, 2006


Its all over till we meet again in Africa. Yes, God willing, I will be in South Africa in 2010 to cheer Zimbabwe this time around and so it should be.

They were not at this year's World Cup so I had the luxury of supporting any other team without feeling guilty and I chose England despite the political hatred between Tony Blair and Robert Mugabe. Well, they are the politicians, they can deal with it.

When England was booted out, I went for France but we all know they came out second best just a few minutes ago.

The just ended World Cup came a few months after I inagurated my blog and I just thought of trying my hand at soccer analysis/armchair coaching. I used my own brand of sports commentary, that is masking my inability to play by pretending, to those who don't know, that I am some kind of pro.

To my surprise, I attracted myself a little fan club, including some serious soccer followers who gave me tips and some of the wayward predictions I made.

Most importantly, my rather zany interest in the beautiful game rubbed onto some of my friends who otherwise did not even know or care about soccer. Patricia, an American, got so interested that she supported Ghana all the way.

I got feedback from a lot of readers of this blog some patting me on the back for coming up with a not so serious way to comment on sports yet others laughed at my lack of foresight.

But the best of all was that Saleem Samad, editor of Toronto-based South Asian newspaper, Durdesh, offered me a weekly column for my "unusual sports commentary". Mind you South Asia is not really a soccer region, so the gesture means a lot to me, thanks Saleem.

So, after all is said and done, I am happy with myself and I will be glad to keep bombarding you'll with my version of commentary on my favourite sports, soccer, tennis, athletics, swimming and basketball.

By the way, my Nadal lost to Roger Federer at Wimbledon. Venus Williams had already bowed out in the early rounds. I feel like I am betting on dead horses all the way, but i will not stop.

Canada is due to host the FIFA Under 20 World Cup next year. So, watch this space.


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Mai Njobo said...

A hearty welcome to my prodigal husband who was lost to the soccer craze of days past. It is blissful to be able to watch Rsaymond as family once again. Darling hubby, you were sorely missed!!!