Tuesday, September 26, 2006


On my way to work this morning I was listening to CBC Radio One when none other than our Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube came on.

He was a special guest on the Current, a news magazine program and, of course, he was talking about the political and economic problems in Zimbabwe and, yes, he had strong words for President Robert Mugabe.

It has been more than six years since I last heard the Archbishop talk but I have always been up-to-date with his fiery attacks on Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies.

Now, here is a guy who has his facts right, is consistent with his message about the injustices being perpetrated on the people of Zimbabwe and does not make apologies for his “naked” hatred of Mugabe.

During the Current interview, which was taped recently in Ottawa, Archbishop Pius was asked if it was true that he once said he was praying for Mugabe to die.


Does he still feel that way and still pray that the president dies?


As a priest, is that the right thing to do, you know, pray for someone to die?

“In this case, yes.”

Okay, I was driving so I did not take down his answers and justifications word for word, but the answers above are a summary of what he said.

He likened Mugabe to the Biblical Egyptian Pharaoh who persecuted the Israelites or, closer to home, Hitler who killed millions of Jews. After all Mugabe’s nickname is Black Hitler.

Personally, I agree with the Archbishop that Mugabe has shamelessly presided over the killing, jailing, maiming, exiling and starving of Zimbabweans. Most likely a lot of us are praying for Mugabe’s death, but being so open about it may not be such a brave thing.

After all, in Zimbabwe, if you wish death on someone, whenever they do die (an 82-year-old man can demise any day) fingers will be pointed at you.

My solution? Just pray, pray and pray hard for God to guide our nation out of its quagmire. If that comes out of Mugabe’s death, well…

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