Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mutambara sneaks into Canada

MDC faction leader, Arthur Mutambara snuck into Canada in the last week of April and secured a rare meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter MacKay in his Parliament Hill office.

The key words here are "snuck in" and "rare". For a national leader whose party boasts the majority of political Zim-Canucks, Mutambara's visit was somehow not communicated to anyone in the Zimbabwean community.

But much as this might surprise many, Zim-Canucks are the list bit fazed.You see, those Zim-Canucks who support the MDC identify themselves with the Morgan Tsvangirai faction so, they have no time for a robotic politician. Some middle of the road Zim-Canucks believe Mutambara is just not worth their time. The rest wouldn't have cared even if it was Tsvangirai or President Robert Mugabe who had come.

Still, for a man seeking to lead MDC to victory against Zanu (PF) and possibly lead the country, Mutambara acted as if there are no Zimbabweans here and that smacks of arrogance. A smart politician, especially one seeking support, would have sought even a single Zimbabwean family and be seen grinning, holding a baby and saying something like: "We are fighting for our children here to come back to a free country and play their part…"

That aside, Mutambara got a very rare meeting with the Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, the second most important politician here. Such meetings do not just happen and given Canada's lukewarm response to the Zimbabwe crisis, Mutambara must be congratulated for securing that opportunity.

Now, when you get a one in a million chance, you have to throw in that card you know will win. In this case, Mutambara should have pressed MacKay to bring out his blazing gun of condemnation of Mugabe's human rights abuse and even promise to act on it.

Well, what does our robotic leader do, he asks for "technology transfer" when (or more precisely, if) he takes over power. How childish. No wonder MacKay responded by offering "moral support" and ushered Mutambara out of his office.

If I had been there, I would have said: "It is not robot science, AGO."Now, you may remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned that the local MDC branch was so dysfunctional that the chairman was contemplating quitting. Last week, he quit.

Vice chairman, Andrew Mudzingwa takes over the leadership in an interim capacity until an election is held in 90 days. Manyevere said his retirement followed extensive consultations with his executive and was driven by a desire to give a chance to "enthusiastic" young party members who wanted to lead. Smart move. Politics never seemed to be his calling and it definitely contradicted his teachings at the local Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church where he is a respected elder.

What's next for him? Watch this space.



Bothwell said...

You seem to have a lot of anger with the MDC in particular the Toronto Branch.

Every article you write, even though the story is something else you try by all means to slip in a negative word or two about the proceedings of that branch.

Zimtoronto said...

Its simple really, they are just inept and they are not serving people the way they should. It is not a personal thing.

Bothwell said...

What have you done