Sunday, June 04, 2006


Okay, its World Cup time again. Zimbabweans love their soccer and we will all be glued to the small screen and watch every one of the 64 matches if we could.

This is the time when temporary divorces are declared because "Dad" can't be bothered about anything else because it is World Cup time. The time when employees take vacations to go nowhere but to their favourite couch to slouch and watch soccer. If one cannot get a vacation then they will simply feign illness on the days their favourite team will be playing.

Anyway, since this is my blog, I want to tell you which team I will support and why.

If Zimbabwe or Canada were at the World Cup, I would support them as numbers one and two in that order, but they are not there.

Now, if I were to go the patriotic way, I would support Angola because they are the nearest to Zimbabwe. Next, I would support Ghana because they are our legitimate in-laws (politics aside - this is soccer). Then I would support Ivory Coast for they are the most exciting African team so far and I tip them to go beyond the first round. If I have to, I will also support Togo and Tunisia in that order.

Oh, I could also go the Third World way and support the likes of Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, Paraguay or be safe and go along with the obvious favourites, Brazil or Argentina or even France because they have Thierry Henry, the best striker in the world in my book and, of course, he plays for my favourite English team, Arsenal.

However, I put my little money on England. In my view England will win it this time. Their organization, player depth and grounded manner remind me so much of France in 1998. They are a really rounded team this time with every department well represented.

In Goal Paul Robinson beats the best on offer. The back line of Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Sol Campbell, John Terry, Gary Neville et al, is as rock-steady as they come.

Then the mid. Oh, my God. Just Imagine a midfield marshaled from the centre by Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard and from the wings by skipper David Beckham and Joe Cole.

In front, forget Wayne Rooney and even Michael Owen. Peter Crouch is on fire, young Walcoat wants to prove a point, Jenas and others are also hungry to prove their potency. And, of course, Gerrard and Lampard hammer them in just like the best of strikers.

It is going to be England all the way in my living room.


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