Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Can I Vote For A President And MP From Different Parties

I received an interesting question from a voter in a “real dilemma.”

“Mr. Madawo,” he began. “I have a problem. I am excited about voting for Simba Makoni to become president, but I am related to our local Zanu PF Councillor and I also think that the MDC MP we have is doing a good job. If I put Makoni in power, will he give us a good MP and a good Councillor like my aunt?”

Well, my answer to the fellow (and hopefully to others in a similar situation), was simple. Although the harmonized election(s) is on the same day, you vote for the President, Senator, MP and Councillor separately.

So, it is quite right for a voter in Gwanda to elect a Zanu PF Councillor, an MDC MP and/or Senator and an Independent President. Isn’t that the richness of democracy? Because you like a Councillor from a certain party should not necessarily mean that you have to be burdened with a president from the same party.

But knowing those party campaigners out there (especially in the rural areas), I will not be surprised if people will be told that the only way is to vote a team from one party or the other.

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