Monday, February 11, 2008

Did you hear: Bob Raring To Fly To Zvimba For Good!!

Everybody has been wondering why old Bob has not vented, a whole week, after Simba Makoni announced his intention to contest him for the presidency of Zimbabwe. I mean, we had become accustomed that almost immediately someone says or does anything considered abhorrent by Gushungo, he would instantly hit out calling them names and symbolically striking them down with his fist.

But there had been deathly silence from State House, until today when The Herald reports that he came out of an extraordinary politburo meeting and said: “I am very raring to go and raring to fly."

Oh, and The Herald qualifies this with ‘he said while raising clenched fists in a show of confidence.’
Now, I was not there, but for the Bob I know to give such a short and meek remark, without taking a shot at Makoni or even Tsvangirai, that means something is terribly wrong. Could the fists have been an old man’s feeble effort to defend himself from perceived blows from his enemies?

The Herald also says the man who could have been king but lost his chance by aligning himself with an out of fashion faction of Zanu PF, Emmerson Mnangagwa will hold a press conference tomorrow on the fate of Makoni. He will be flanked by old timer Nathan Shamuyarira.

Well, gentlemen, just be careful what you say about Makoni, this is the man whose shoes you could soon be licking.

Nuff said. Let’s see what the press conference will reveal.
Oh by the way; just talked to someone who was in Bulawayo yesterday. He says the name Simba Makoni has suddenly become the most popular in The City of Kings. Another fellow says a former CIO boss is firmly behind Makoni.

And guess what, if MDC Mutambara has teamed up with Makoni (as is reported) it means within a week of entering the presidential election, the former finance minister could easily sweep the vote in the whole of Matebeleland and parts of Masvingo and Midlands provinces, not to mention his home turf of Manicaland and, of course, Harare.

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